Aspectum: Maximize your business with GIS mapping software

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Quick question: Have you ever found a one-stop Geographic Information Systems solution? GIS specialists would be the first to admit that software that provides all-encompassing mapping and spatial analysis capabilities efficiently via the desktop is hard to come by!

In a recent survey, only 16.1% of contributors were completely content with the software they use. Many reported issues with lack of interoperability, bugs, tools that are too complicated, and data-related challenges that include data quality and accuracy, data standards, and data collection.

GIS users have to juggle additional applications to get the most out of their traditional GIS solutions. While tools from household names like Esri and QGIS are great for data analytics, making great-looking maps using these tools requires the use of Adobe After Effects or Illustrator in the workflow. The same applies to Carto, Mapbox, or Luciad—you’ll need some coding skills to get by.

The need for all these additional skills poses a big barrier for a lot of folks. So, is there anything easier to use in the industry?

At present, Aspectum is the closest you can get. This new tool bridges the barriers in nearly every other mapping platform. Aspectum is a cloud-based GIS and data visualization platform powered by EOS, a leading platform for Earth Observation data analytics.

EOS provides the backend for raster data visualization and processing. Aspectum is built on top of this technology—delivering vector data visualization features previously limited to experienced front-end developers.

Users often find instant appeal in Aspectum because of its comprehensive and wholesome user experience, unlike other GIS applications out there. Despite having only three years of experience in the industry, this San Francisco based company has proven to be a notable rival to top software like CARTO and ArcGIS online.

Here’s a detailed look at what sets Aspectum apart from all the other big names in commercial GIS software.

Easy start

Getting started with Aspectrum is no rocket science. The platform integrates with various data formats, thus, even if you are switching from another gis solution, all the previous data can be transferred to Aspectum. Yes, there is no pre-installation, or calls with sales representatives before you’ve seen Aspectum in action. Simply select a subscription plan and go. There is even an option to open a free account if you’re not ready to invest monetarily.

This type of account is, however, subject to some limits, including:

  • 250 MB of data space
  • Access to a maximum of 50,000 objects
  • Only visualization available

High-resolution satellite basemap

Aspectum provides a satellite basemap with decent resolution, you also get customized maps that feature analytics, and high-resolution data from one of Aspectum’s partners, Planet constellations. It also offers WMS, allowing for the use of satellite images, drones, or other web services as a basemap, and has 100x faster displays (GPU-based).

Lots of widgets for data visualization and structuring

The Aspectum platform delivers an enhanced experience by recommending best-fit widgets based on the data types you choose. They can be used to add graphs, diagrams, and histograms, turning the map into an interactive dashboard. Users can further customize their user experience by adding instruments to interact with components of their dataset. And the best part, all the maps, and widgets can be downloaded as a pdf for further use (for example in presentations

Data catalog

Aspectum allows finding and adding free data to your maps. For now, users are limited to a 100km2 area, but this scale will be increased in the next few months.

3D data visualization

This GIS platform goes the extra mile in data visualization. Aspectum enables you to visualize datasets in 3D. You can render data-driven 3D maps through the SQL-based interface and state-of-the-art mapping tools.

2-click sharing

Imagine the convenience of sharing your maps through direct links. Actually, you don’t have to: Aspectum allows you to share your smart map using a link. Maps can also be easily embedded into your webpage as well.

Geocoding is pre-packed

Aspectum comes with geocoding functions. If you are to upload a .csv with an address column set right, you will get both geocoding and visualization as a result. Neat trick, right?

Opportunities for Change and Object Detection

Flexibility is a crucial component when working with GIS. The recently announced partnership between Aspectum and Aventior will improve its Change Detection and Object Detection capabilities in a big way. The Aspectum platform now leverages algorithms for Car Detection, Building Detection, and Vessel Detection. This extends more functionality for businesses and non-profits, enabling them to automatically collect and analyze object data for tracking changes in urban, suburban, rural, and maritime areas.

One of the developments giving Aspectum the edge is its partnership with Planet for powerful analytics paired with robust satellite imagery. With access to Planet’s high-resolution satellite imagery and rich geospatial data, users get customized maps for real-time analysis.

Will Aspectum meet your GIS needs?

Is Aspectum the ultimate solution for your business or requirements as a GIS specialist? Yes, it’s currently the best one you can find in the industry. This company has continuously improved its technology for spatial analysis, satellite imagery, and more. Aspectum currently offers a whole lot of features and has even succeeded in simplifying the generation of flow maps, something which can be a hassle with the majority of software out there.

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