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Arc2Earth ArcGIS extension


Arc2Earth is an ArcGIS extension used to convert and publish your ArcGIS data to the cloud or to Google Earth, Google Maps or Virtual Earth with a click of a button.

Arc2Earth can export GIS data to several formats.

Arc2Earth can publish your GIS data as raster tiles consumed directly by all web mapping APIs such as Google maps, Google Earth, Google Earth browser API, Microsoft Bing maps and Openlayers.

You can also use Arc2Earth to export your GIS data as vector services hosted in Google App Engine cloud.

All of these formats are useful in many ways. Some are good for preserving the exact cartographic characteristics of the map and some are better for 3D extrusion and user interaction inside Google Earth. Any of these methods can also be combined together to form complex KML documents.

For a full description of what Arc2Earth can do, Visit Arc2Earth website.

Cartologic is Arc2Earth reseller in Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Chad.

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Download Arc2Earth

Arc2Earth is not a standalone program, it requires:
ESRI ArcGIS 9.0 or greater
Microsoft .Net 2.0 or greater
Installation Help
Current Version Change Log
Previous versions can be found here
Register for the Free Community Edition of Arc2Earth here

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