Gunneman GIS & Geomatics

المشرف العام

طاقم الإدارة

The common wisdom is that we now live in the age of information; the freedom and access we have to data is unprecedented in history; and the efficiency and convenience of online commerce, research, and communication has already transformed our lives for the better. While this is true, of course, our excitement should be tempered by these realizations:
We’re only just beginning to discover what possibilities the information age may bring.

We’re at the very beginning of a major transformation in the way we work, play, and live.

Gunneman GIS & Geomatics is specialized in the transformation of existing data to useful geographical information.

Geographical information is only useful if it is reliable, if it is giving insight and if it engages with the user group. Gunneman GIS & Geomatics offers a wide range of consultancy and services to organizations during the entire information process, starting from the mapping of the information needs to the setup of the proper information flows.

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